Welcome to the BBQ!

The Sausage Fest is the most advanced NFT project to date on the Alephium Blockchain. Beautiful Sausages in a trading card format, displaying the unique character of each and every NFT. We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved, and we’re sure you’ll love these high-end NFT’s too!

We’ve been working for months to create the most epic bunch of Sausages you have ever seen. Mint your Sausage, and join our festivities! Who knows, you might even mint one of the lights of the party with a golden Sausage, or a Cigar-Smoking Salami.

 Every single Sausage is tasty as fuck, though!

The most advanced NFT project to date on the Alephium Blockchain. Smart airdrops for Sausage-holders Trading game in planning phase Trading card design NFT's with link to original
The most advanced NFT project to date on the Alephium Blockchain. Smart airdrops for Sausage-holders Trading game in planning phase Trading card design NFT's with link to original

The party doesn’t end at the mint!

We are working on the next phase of the SAUSAGE FEST project. We are hoping our unique NFT’s will soon feature in their very own trading game on the ever growing Alephium ecosystem. Our developers are already getting their Ralph on as we speak. We want to use our game to highlight the various benefits of programming dApps with Ralph.

We look forward to underpromising and over-delivering, though. Yes, we have huge plans for the people holding Sausage Fest NFT’s, but we want some of these things to be a surprise.

About Alephium

The Alephium blockchain represents a pioneering approach to the decentralized ledger technology, embodying a unique blend of innovation, scalability, and community engagement. As the first blockchain platform built on the sharding-based framework, BlockFlow, Alephium offers a novel solution to the scalability and security challenges that have long plagued existing blockchain systems. 

Sausage Fest Roadmap

January/February/March 2024 - NFT Design
We spent the first part of our roadmap designing and finalizing our NFT's. Not only did we create some of the sauciest saucages you've ever seen - we also created trading card designs for the mint on Deadrare. Each NFT also got a unique QR code that links the trading card to the high-resolution NFT file that is hosted on the blockchain.
April/May 2024 - Website and Mint
We launched this website on March 5th. This is our first public marketing move- and it's a vital first step towards the mint we plan later on in April 2024.
March 2024 - Twitter, Discord, Telegram
Starting in April we will be teasing our project on our Twitter/X.com account and on the most prominent Discord and Telegram channels for Alephium-holders. Our marketing-goals are simple: show people why our NFT project is the most exciting NFT project that Alephium has seen! We are NOT planning on launching yet another Discord server or Telegram channel immediately. Our main communication channel will be Twitter.
June/July 2024 - Airdrop 1 (We plan to do at least 5!)
We are already working on our first airdrop to Sausage-holders. This won't just be a flat airdrop: higher ranked sausages will receive special airdrops - or bigger airdrops based on the specific options. We are also talking to current tokens on the Alephium blockchain to potentially airdrop their tokens to our holders!
July/August/... 2024 - Game development
We are already slowly working on the Sausage Fest trading card game, but are planning real development to start in April of 2024. However, we don't want to make empty promises, so this comes with a huge disclaimer: we are super motivated to finish this game, but we will be running into issues and we might need external help for this. We realize this means we might struggle to finish this project; BUT: we truly believe it's better to underpromise and overdeliver; kind of like what the Alephium dev-team has been doing!
Q1/Q2 2025 - Game Launch
We hope to launch our trading card game in Q1 of 2025 or Q2 of 2025. Fingers crossed!!



What is your motivation for this project?

We are massive ALPH-hodlers. Our combined group holds well over half a million ALPH, and that means we are highly invested in making sure the Alephium blockchain does well. We want excitement, we want the project to continue attracting people and we want to make sure we don't just sit idly by and be spectators to the project growth. With this NFT project, we want to add something exciting to the space.

100% sure. However, we don’t just want to send useless tokens worth nothing. We’re working hard on both airdropping new Sausage Fest related tokens that you will be able to stake and airdropping existing (meme)tokens we will acquire on the open market with the mint proceeds. 

Yes, yes and yes. We will be transparently moving at least 50% of the mint proceeds into a specific wallet used to re-invest into the Alephium ecosystem and, the Sausage Fest project.

Apart from the minting proceeds, we will also be re-investing at least 50% of the royalties produced by aftermarket transactions. 

In order to track this, we will list the relevant addresses on the Alephium blockchain here – and will document the transactions we make both on this website and on Twitter.

– Main re-investment wallet: 1HFo8iogunoMeWVdGKxx6HkhCKHH7r4uKRMSZDHyWrZG3

This one will take longer. We are dedicated to making this work, but like we said before – we want to underpromise and overdeliver. We will be updating from Q3-2024 on our progress and our plans. 

Apart from airdrops, our game and re-investing into the ALPH-ecosystem, we dream about physical Sausages and BBQ livestreams. We have so many ideas, but our main focus in the early days will be on making sure we deliver on our goals.

Yes, and no. The holder owns the NFT and is allowed to use it in any way (including commercial) as long as he/she owns the NFT. However, the project keeps the right to use the NFT and the trading card for use as well, including but not limited to our NFT game, marketing efforts and the development of physical products.

We’re choosing to remain somewhat anonymous, but we have been Alephium holders from way before the Gate.io listing. If anyone wants to reach out to get some more information, we encourage you to send us a DM on Twitter.

Currently, all of our communication is done through our Twitter profile. We feel there are plenty of Discord and Telegram channels for ALPH holders right now, and we like the idea of open communication through channels we don’t necessarily control. However, if demand is high we are open to having a Discord or Telegram for project-related discussions. Right now though, our Twitter profile is the main channel for all of our communication.